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Two trailers will be in Richmond, Indiana both going west.
One trailer will be returning west coast via I-80 and the other I-49.
Please call Bob with details on deliveries!

We will stop at any location along the route. Give us a call to arrange your delivery/pickup!


What we offer...

Bob makes a trip once a month from November through May traveling both the I-40 and I-80 corridors.  The trips go through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada searching for show pigs and club lambs. 

The connections our family made through the years with elite livestock producers has enabled us to acquire top quality animals.  Bob spends the time at each farm looking through literally thousands of animals, handpicking what he believes to be the “best of the best” offered.  Bob works consistently with the breeders for several months before, during and after each trip.  It doesn’t matter whether you want a crossbred, Hampshire, York, Duroc, Landrace, Spot or Berk the connections are there to find it. Barrow or gilt/wether or ewe lamb - done. Every effort is made to locate just what each client has in mind before the trailer ever leaves the midwest headed home.  

Bob’s unique personality, as anyone who knows him, has enabled him in his quest to find “just the right animal” tailored to your specifications!  

The personalized service given to each client goes above and beyond just selling an animal.  Bob stays in phone contact making sure the order is correct, informing clients of purchasing progress and planning delivery dates.

We welcome group orders for clubs and organizations. 

Delivery is available. (Some fees may apply.)

Livestock transport is available.  Call for details and fees.


What we do...

To insure optimum health levels every animal is given antibiotics before loading and then again on arrival just for preventative measures.  Feed and water is available to all animals during each trip.    

We highly encourage contact after the sale whether it is a question on feed, health, general information or to update us on how your animal is doing. 

We look forward to doing business with you!